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Cat Sitter

Each cat condo has its own window! In fact there are a total of 14 windows in Purr-Z-moor condos.

Stay, play, and relax!

Unique to Muckamoor Boarding Kennels is our Purr-Z-Moor Cat Condos.  It is a completely separate building from where the dogs are boarded.  Easy listening music plays, and provides a peaceful relaxing   atmosphere for even the most discerning cat.  Cats are in "condos" with resting shelves and of course a private window is provided for each condo. Purr-z-moor condos are heated and air conditioned. Outside are bird feeders for our special visitors entertainment.  Cats, if mature, must be SPAYED or NEUTERED and all cats must be VACCINATED annually for RABIES and FELINE DISTEMPER .

Your cat will be checked on 5 times daily. Fresh water will be provided,  and litter will be cleaned.  We feed our feline friends 2 times daily, at this time medicines are administered  if needed(additional charge).  Please bring all medicine in its original bottle and give us exact directions when checking in, on amount to be given, and how it should be administered. Litter is provided along with kenneling your cat.

Some cats will accept us right away and we will be able to pet and cuddle immediately. Others take more time.  We realize this does not mean they don't want attention, but that we need to earn the right to be part of their world! They all let us know when we have passed the test. It doesn't take long.  The great part is when they return for another visit they remember and the bond we formed with them is quickly awakened.

Purr-Z-Moor Cat Condos