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Bathing is available upon request.  This is a service provided only for pets being boarded.  Pricing is done on an individual pet basis.  We reserve the right to increase pricing due to excessive matting.


Where dogs and cats rule!

Daycare all pets

  • Three day minimum charge for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Memorial day, and Fourth of July
  • Small animal boarding available such as Gerbil, Hamster, or Rabbit Call for information

Extra charges apply for the administration of medicines or soft food.

Boarding charges start the day you check in, but you will not be charged for the release day, if you pick up in the available morning hours. Sunday is always charged, because morning hours are not available. Wisconsin tax will be applied to all services and products.

1 Cat Daily                                  $22.00

2 Cats one Condo                      $28.00

3 Cats one Condo                      $34.00   

4 Cats multiple condos      Please call

Cat Boarding

1 Dog Daily                            $23.00

2 Dogs one kennel               $37.00

3 Dogs one kennel               $47.00

4 or more dogs                    Please call

Dog Boarding

1 Dog Daily              16.75

1 Cat Daily                16.75

2 Dog Daily               31.00

2 Cat Daily                24.00

Multiple pets        Please call

Dog and cat boarding in Plover, Wisconsin