Muckamoor Boarding Kennels in Plover has trees to shade and keep the dogs comfortable in the summer, which helps to keep your pets happy even for long term dog boarding. We also put sunshades over the top of the exercise kennels.

Boarding your Dog

Dog Boarding in Plover

Where dogs and cats rule!

 When you’re away, we don’t want you to have the slightest worry – though we’re sure your treasured companions will stay in your thoughts.
Our personalized care includes direct human contact with your dog, individual play time, 5 times outside, 2 feedings,

and a nighttime treat and bed check.

Our care for your dog continues beyond our set open hours.

Muckamoor is a complete no mix kennel. This means your dog will see other pets, but will never be in direct physical contacts with them. This takes more time and diligence, but it is worth it! This helps care for your pets physical health and safety. When we are with your dog  individually, we bond with them quickly, and are better equipped to meet all their needs.

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Health and Safety

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We now offer Kuranda Cots  for you dogs comfort. Better than pillows, because there are no pressure points to make your dog uncomfortable. There is also no stuffing to harbor allergens.

 All of our buildings are heated and air conditioned.

For the health and safety of your dog and others, we require all dogs are current on VACCINATIONS for RABIES, DISTEMPER, and BORDETELLA.  If your pet is on monthly heartworm preventative, or has had a clean fecal sample in the last two weeks prior to kenneling they can exercise in spacious lawn areas. Dogs that are not still have plenty of open space to exercise, but without grass. We reserve the right to move unruly or restless dogs for their protection or the protection of other boarders and staff. We also reserve the right to refuse our largest spaces to small dogs during periods of high demand for boarding.